Tuesday, May 31, 2011

compliments to Girls with Guns

I wore this hat this weekend while moving and celebrating Memorial Day ... and I must say, I got a lot of compliments.  If you haven't seen this clothing line in stores yet, you should check it out here.  If Sarah Palin wasn't enough of an advertisement, I'll do what I can to help ;)

Nice hat, hu?

And for all those men out there ... don't you want to get your wives, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends (etc) to go shooting with you?  Maybe if they are dressed for the occasion in some cute "gun" clothing, they'll be more inclined!  Check it out.

Honoring Those Who Fought for Us

We love our country.  We love what it stands for and what the Founding Fathers believed it could be when they signed the constitution.  We will forever be grateful to those who fought for our freedom!

Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for believing in what this country stands for!  Thank you to your families for their sacrifice.  

You have left a legacy of honor and strength and you will always be remembered!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Oroville

Ticket orders are coming in for the Oroville Banquet on June 17th!

I just got some tickets for people from Texas and Iowa.  This is turning in to a national affair ... so what if they are just visiting family (I'm not really sure if that is the case - it's just an assumption).  

Looking forward to meeting MANY new gun owners at the event ... 

Are you coming?  Because you really, really should ...  

Ugghhhh ...


AB 809 long gun registration has just appeared on the Assembly Appropriations Committee list of bills to be passed.

The Analysis says it will only cost $100k for software update, ongoing costs of $300k/year to operate, and costs in the low $100's of 1,000s in prison costs.

Of course, the Assembly Leadership never saw an anti-gun bill they didn't love an figure out how to pay for. From the Crapitol at 11:50 a.m. I have heartburn...

putting it off ...

Well, they Senate has a week to take up SB 427 (Senator De Leon's ammo registration bill) on the floor.  While they could take it up today, they have decided to put it off ... our guess - there are a couple of Democrat Senators absent and they just might need their votes.  

Thanks to Sam Paredes, GOC Executive Director, for his up-to-date info on legislation!  

And the story will continue at a later date ... most likely when more Democrats are available.

Until then ...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prime Rib

I don't know about you, but it's 4:50 on a Thursday and I'm already thinking about what's for dinner.  No prime rib tonight (although my husband would certainly like that!) ... we'll have to wait until June 17th for this baby!  Our Oroville banquet will feature this great piece of meat yet again!  (Ok, well, it will feature guns, Congressman Tom McClintock, and other gun stuff, but if you ask me, this is enough of a reason to go ... but that's just me.)

They Clearly Don't Know We are Broke

As if the state doesn’t know that it is completely broke and still going in the hole, the Senate Appropriations Committee today voted to send SB 124-the ammunition registration bill, and SB 819-the “let’s just rip-off the Dealer Record of Sales Fund to pay for law enforcement activities unrelated to sales and background check” bill, on to the Senate Floor no matter how much they cost.  We've been at the Capitol all week lobbying members to vote "no" on these bills, but they clearly don't get it.  We expect a serious fight on the Senate Floor.  

We will be back at the Capitol tomorrow!  Assemblyman Feuer's long gun registration bill (AB 809) is up in Assembly Appropriations and Senator DeLeon's ammo registration bill (SB 427) is eligible to be heard on the Senate Floor.


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