Thursday, May 31, 2012

Banning the Use of Hounds in Hunting: But It's in His Blood

The California Legislature has been acting with brutal force this year, to not only strip Californian's of our Second Amendment rights, but also to rid the state of hunting.  Their attack on hunting is through Senate Bill 1221 which would ban the use of hounds for the hunting of bears and bobcats.  As our Executive Director says it in his Legislative Update video, "this is just the camel's nose under the tent".  It's their first move to stop hunting altogether, all under the guise of saving the hounds from possible harm.

Now I'm going to get a little personal here, so please excuse the lack of formality ...

Meet Porter ... my German Shorthaired Pointer

This was Porter as a puppy.  Cute, right?

Well, this is him at 7 months:

Beautiful, right?  We can't walk through Home Depot without people stopping us to compliment him.  He's a year and a half now and only looks better, stronger, and in my potentially biased opinion, perfect!

Any owner of a GSP knows these dogs are made for hunting.  It's in their blood.  He sees a bird and he's frozen.  I fully admit to failing him when it comes to proper training ... but the instincts are still fully present.

And now the state is going to tell us that we can't let dogs do what they were born and bred to do?  The attack is on hunting of bears and bobcats right now; but if this bill passes, the attack will move to prevent the use of hounds while hunting all animals, including upland game and waterfowl.

Gun Owners of California is determined to fight this bill tooth and nail.  Are you with us?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

back in action

It's been quite a year so far in the world of California politics, as the Legislature is at it again ... doing their best to take away our gun rights, one law at a time.

Our website is full of news articles, petitions, videos, etc, on all the legislation we are fighting against.  As always, being a non-profit, we are working hard to raise more money in order to have greater strength to push back with.  You've probably heard us say this before, and we'll say it again: power in politics comes from money and numbers.  Two things we need more of in order to make the kind of impact gun-loving Californian's are yearning for.

So here is my plea ... or rather, my proposal to you ... the faithful, the dedicated, the active:

Yes, we need more donations.  We always will, as the California law book is ever increasing in pages.  We need donations from existing members, as well as new memberships from the gun owners across the state that have yet to join GOC.

Some people can't donate given their current economic state, and we understand that.  Some people can donate, but choose not to, out of fear that they will get on some sort of "list" (we've heard that many times before).  Well, here's some news ... if you've purchased a gun or voted ... ever ... you are probably already on a list of some sort.  

But there is more that you can do.  We are trying to revamp the blog and forum.  We feel these are significant ways we can reach gun owners across the state and spread the message that is so important to the Second Amendment.  We want to relay news, warnings, petitions, calls to action, voter suggestions, business recommendations, etc to people who are interested.  

How can you help?  Comment on the blog and spread it around.  Join the forum and start using it.  We need people to interact.  The more traffic we get, the more we will grow.  We are in the technological age and we can't escape the fact that our presence online is just not strong enough.

We are committed to strengthening our presence through valuable content and interesting articles.  We are committed to fighting for the Second Amendment and we hope you can join us in the fight ... in any and every way possible!