Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Learning Confrontation

If the last few elections haven't been enough to prove that conservatives need a few lessons on how to win, I don't know what will.  Part of our effort to help the conservative movement across the state {and the country for that matter} is to teach people what we know to be true: conservatives need to learn the art of confrontation.  Years ago, our founder, Senator H.L. Richardson, ret., wrote a book called "Confrontational Politics" for that primary reason.  To bring awareness to conservatives about where they are lacking, teach them how the liberals work, and provide tactics to help promote good, artful confrontation.

GOC's Executive Director, Sam Paredes, has not only studied the book thoroughly, but he has created a series of trainings and seminars on the book, for groups interested in learning how to become more effective in the political arena.  He has been traveling all over the state speaking to Tea Parties and conservative groups for years.  Once he gives an hour long presentation on the book, which simply scratches the surface, the groups, more often than not, schedule a 6 hour long seminar for a more thorough training.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people across the state have heard Sam's Confrontational Politics presentations, and many more have read the book behind the seminar.  Needless to say, the word is spreading.  This morning, I came across an article from a reporter in Nevada who read the book and raved about it's truth.  He even goes as far as to commission conservatives to get confrontational!  

Don't you think it's time?

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your group, call Gwen at 916-984-1400.  We need to spread the word, and we need to get confrontational!

By Chuck Muth
I just finished reading an excellent book for conservatives titled “Confrontational Politics” by former California State Sen. H.L. Richardson, which is extremely relevant to the sad state of the conservative movement here in Nevada. Here’s an example:
“Remember, an average Democrat with conservative ideas doesn’t get elected to high office. He wouldn’t get the time of day from the left-wingers who control the party apparatus.”