Friday, July 29, 2011

Pushing Gun Control

The headline reads, Obama Pushing UN Gun Control on US. You can read that us, or United States, for both are correct.  It's not new's all over the place that our President, Secretary of State Clinton, and the hierarchy of the administration are pushing us to accept the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which is a deceptive way putting on us international gun control restrictions.  In fact, Hillary has already signed the Treaty.

It has to pass through the Democrat controlled Senate next.  This Treaty, as you would suspect, would do away with our Second Amendment to the Constitution.  45 Republican Senators and 12 Democrat Senators have sent a letter to Obama and are poised to stand against this Treaty and Obama's gun control program.

I ran into several articles today while surfing the internet.  I liked how the author fit in the history of our Founding Fathers and the quotes of the Writers of our Constitution.  I like the clarity of the articles, making it easy to understand the impending peril our nation will incur if this Treaty is signed. You may like the articles as well.

See articles: Here and Here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is this real?

While checking out other gun blogs and facebook pages, we came across this headline: 

Virginia Police Seek Serial Butt Slasher

Obviously, it peaked some interest.  So we clicked on it and read on: "Fairfax County (Va.) Police believe a man captured on video surveillance footage may be responsible for cutting the buttocks of five women in retail stores while they are shopping."  (read more ...)

Clearly, the ridiculous nature of this man's cruel habit generated conversation in the office.  The only response to this ludicrous story we could come up with: if more women where carrying guns under their shirts, fewer butts would be slashed.  (see yesterday's post for reference)

It's so absurd, it's almost funny.  But in reality, it's disgusting.  There are too many people out there who set out to rape, kill, or bring some other form of harm to women and children ... and to law-abiding peaceful citizens.  If this guy gets caught, he will probably be let off due to some sort of doctor-invented mental disorder.  Unfortunately, it's the world we live in.

It's sad.  Frankly, it's pathetic.  And it's absolutely necessary, that good people stand up and join the fight to save their rights.    

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Armed Citizen Fights Back ... and WINS!

These are the kind of stories we need to hear more of ... the kind where the good guy (girl in this case) wins because they were lawfully carrying a firearm, knew how to use it, and protected themselves.

Sheriff: Dead motel robber was going to rape clerk

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A man is dead after the motel clerk he tried to sexually assault and rob early Monday morning fought back and killed him, deputies said.
As the female clerk went into the breakfast room to prepare breakfast, she found Carson waiting inside. The victim said Carson held a knife to her throat and said "this is a robbery."Investigators say 43-year-old Vincent Carson of Orangeburg entered Days Inn motel at 133 Plumbers Rd. near I-20 and North Main St. sometime before 6:00 a.m.
Investigators said when her attacker slipped the knife into his pants pocket to begin tying her up with plastic ties, the woman pulled a handgun from under her shirt, turned and fired into the man's chest at point blank range.
The victim was about 100 pounds lighter than Carson and stood at least a foot shorter than him, investigators said.   
When deputies got to the scene just after 6:00 a.m., they found the suspect unresponsive on the floor. Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said Carson died from a single gunshot to the chest.   
Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Carson's intent was not only to rob the motel, but also to rape the clerk. "There's no doubt that was his intent," said Lott. "Not only was he going to rob her, but he was going to sexually assault her. Now what was he going to do after that assault was over with, we don't know."
The clerk was not injured, but was taken to Palmetto Baptist Hospital as a precaution.
The suspect was wanted in at least one other motel robbery in the Midlands. The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department was looking for Carson in connection with a July 14 robbery at the Hampton Inn on US Highway 601.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gun news in the news.....

There is a lot of “gun news” in the news of late, have you noticed?
Last week I wrote about the Baltimore Mayoral Candidate that was calling for a $1.00 tax on each bullet purchased in his town….what a mindset…today I was reading some of the comments from the citizenry about his proposal.  Needless to say the citizens are pert near dumbfounded at the suggestion they see as dumb, no matter which way you look at it.

Canada is in the news again…there is promise to scrap their long-gun registry this fall.  The quote that interests me on one level is this, as written in the Canadian National Post , “There was no convincing explanation as to how a database of serial numbers and street addresses was supposed to improve public safety.”  Haven’t we been saying the same common sense thing for years, ourselves? Tell that to the California Democrat Mike Feuer!  MP Candice Hoeppner, the author of the quote, has been driving this recall of the Canadian registry for years now and had some other truthful observations to comment about as well, saying, “the registry proved to be expensive and error prone, it drove a wedge between police and lawful firearms owners,” and then this gem of a quote, “criminals who kill people with guns generally are using illegal handguns smuggled in from the …get this…the UNITED STATES.” 

So, on another level I am most interested in this bullet she just shot at us!  Handguns smuggled in from the United States?  Lets see what our ATF has to say about that?  Is MP Candice Hoeppner being a clandestine whistleblower?  Do we need to start another investigation…Is there another Darrell Issa in the house?  

So, the third hearing of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosive’s is coming up shortly, tomorrow, at 10 in the morning.  The focus is going to be the accounts of the ATF agents based in Mexico.  The Agents being questioned are prominent enough to suggest this will be a blockbuster event, according to a Seattle paper.  There is no question that this is a blockbuster event!

Human Events has written in much stronger language, that “all H_ _ _ _is about to explode" because it is Obama’s Justice Department that started this scandal.  The Obama government funded the $80 million dollar program.  Melson, the head of the ATF was expected to resign and run, tail between legs style, but he isn’t, choosing rather to whistleblow himself, and in that it is coming to light that there are documents withheld from Congress in a massive cover-up.  Attorney General Eric Holder is on the hot seat as a result, and just may be the next one who is expected to resign, tail between the legs style.  Wonder if he, too, will turn into a whistleblower……?

Friday, July 22, 2011

GOC Drops New Quarterly...

Newsletter, that is...
GOC's popular newsletter is hot of the press, as they say, meaning that it was mailed out to our members just this week!
Those on the list will enjoy reading Our Roadmap to Victory in 2012 written by Executive Director Sam Paredes, as he lays out his observations of the progress being made by the Redistricting Commission.  Sam's view is optimistic that the Commission's re-drawing of the lines will end up giving to the people of the state a better voting opportunity.  Meaning, that each district will not be predictable and safe for current candidates, but will give residents a true opportunity to make their vote count and mean something.

The Legislative Update is literally a Call to Action for GOC's members, as the status of each bill we are working on is listed, along with the location of the bill, so that members can contact their legislators and make their views known.  There are 6 anti-gun bills that need to go down before the end of session, and our dedicated members can help.  Our Website contains Alerts on these six measures and can easily be looked up for access to contact names and numbers.  Click Here

If you are not a member of GOC you won't be getting a newsletter in the mail.  However, our statewide Newsletter Distribution Team brings newsletters to gun shops, gun clubs and ranges, and gives them out at gun shows, so you may find yourself in possession of one in spite of yourself.  If so, use the membership form on the back, fill it out and send it in, and then you will be privileged to receive your next California Gun Owners Newsletter in the mail, just hot off of the press!

If you haven't seen a hard copy of the California Gun Owners Newsletter, you can check it out on our website.  Click Here  You can join GOC on our website also, just click on the Join GOC Button on the right side of the home page.  Doing so puts you along side of us and in the fore front of the battle in California to retain our firearm freedom!  We belong together....Join Today!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

we can't do it alone ...

Become a Patriot and Help Fight for Your Rights!
 We are looking for passionate patriots who are tired of sitting around and watching the Second Amendment deteriorate.  GOC needs people who want to dive into the fight!  The fact of the matter is, that without your gun rights, your hunting rights don’t matter.  Your sporting hobbies become crimes.  And your freedom becomes jeopardized.  Help GOC fight, by volunteering in your area!

For more information on starting a Committee in your area, please contact 
Julie Benson at 916-984-1400 or
There are many ways your can help!  For example:
Planning a fundraising event, Selling 52-Gun-A-Week Raffle Tickets, Distributing Newletters and Alerts, etc

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hi, my name is ...

It's nice to meet you.

We are Gun Owners of California.

And this is who we are:

An intro is better late than never, right?

Baltimore Idea....

I just can't help but comment on the article I ran across in the news today....A Baltimore Mayoral Candidate announced he wants to propose and pursue a $1.00 tax on every bullet sold in the city.  His motive...he help curb crime.
I haven't been to Baltimore myself, but according to others it is a crime ridden city, filthy, gangs rule the day, drugs are abundant, and AIDs is at the top of the reason to be unhealthy list.

Years ago, in the Sacramento, California, legislature, a bullet tax was also proposed.  That proposal was 5 cents a bullet and it caused an uproar that was the undoing of the idea and the legislation.

I can't help but get sarcastic about such foolishness as proposals like these.  A $15.00 bag of 38s would end up costing $138.00 in Baltimore.  Who is not going to buy the bullets?  Gun Owners.  Who is going to get their bullets for free, just like they always have?  Criminals.  How deluded is this Mayoral Candidate to think that taxing bullets will curb crime?  Did he think of this himself or does he have a contact in Sacramento?

Read Article and Comments: Click Here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Democratic Senator Boswell’s Grandson Uses Shotgun to Defend Home

Just fell upon this great blog/post:  Short Little Rebel 

Democratic Senator Boswell’s Grandson Uses Shotgun to Defend Home

Had Senator Boswell not had the shotgun, it is very probable that he, his daughter and his grandson would be dead today because the home invader was armed (betcha it was an illegal gun).  A decorated war hero, with skills he no doubt learned in his 20 years in the Army, Senator Boswell instantly attacked the robber who had assaulted his daughter.   He, a man well advanced in years, grappled with the much younger armed man.  His 22 year old grandson quickly ran to another room and grabbed the shot gun.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Call to Action.....

There is a new ALERT on our homepage and we hope that you heed it in the same way as one heeds a call to arms.
In our day we pick up the telephone or the pen and we call or fax letters and messages to our elected representatives in the state, thus communicating to them the desires of the people of their districts or the will of the people across the state, for the people know that every legislator's action (vote) if you will, impacts them.  And greatly I might add.

Calls and letters act as bullets often times.  Enough bullets and you can kill a bad bill dead!  That is what we need now...for there are 5 bad bills that need to be killed outright!  How many bullets do we need?  The number is too high to even know.  That is why the call goes out to everyone, today, and every day... there needs to be bullets of words going into legislative offices and into the record files.
You are being called to arms.  Arm yourself with a phone or a pen, and send those bullets daily to get your message across to those who claim to be doing what they do for your good.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Portantino in the line of Democrats fire...

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino comes under GOC's fire often as we oppose his Open Carry Ban bill, AB 144.  This time, the Assemblyman comes under the fire of his own political party.  Take a close look and you will see the explanation of why Democrats hold together so well and seldom seem to divert from the Party Line...the explanation being that when one does divert from the Party Line there are dire consequences to pay.

Assemblyman Portantino voted against the Budget Bill.  That wasn't the Party Line.  The consequences are accusations of "overspending" by Portantino,  and actions such as, cutting Portantino's staff, and reducing his office funding.

This internal Democrat Party ruckus has hit the news this morning.  The Sacramento Bee reported it and I mention this to you because it is most interesting.  I quote the Bee, "...Portantino had his attorney demand Assembly fiscal records...from leaders of his own Democratic Party.  There is a vast difference in the definitions of Democrat and Democratic and the Democrat Party is no democratic party at all.

Don't get me wrong, GOC doesn't care about this ruckus at all, nor do we side with or against Portantino, nor believe him one way or the other.  We mention this because we are interested in the actions of the Democrats, how they keep their members in line and how they punish them when the perception is that they have stepped over or around the party line.

Sacramento Bee Article

Thursday, July 14, 2011

De Leon supports federal ATF with newly introduced Senate Resolution

Keeping up with the fast paced investigation of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) latest debacle  of providing guns to Mexican drug cartels?  If you are watching what is happening at all you know it has become very clear that our very own government, represented by the federal Department Of Justice's ATF has purposefully instigated and executed a plan to put weapons across the southern border into Mexico, and that these very weapons have been used against the U.S. and killed our own people.  Note that as the investigation goes on that Attorney General Eric Holder's name, as well as the President's comes up more and more often....
Also note that the very same are trying deflecting maneuvers, calling for tighter gun control measures across the U.S., as a diversion.
Falling into step with this strategy from the left, our very own anti-gun state Senator Kevin de Leon has introduced a Senate resolution (SJR 10) that calls for "reenactment of the federal assault weapons ban, adoption of the ATF's proposed rule to require reporting of all rifle sales/purchases, and for stronger federal authority to crack down on "corrupt" (my emphasis) gun dealers" that as "all" gun dealers.  We are remembering that these "gun dealers" were instructed, against their better judgement mind you, instructed by the ATF to sell to those who intended to take the guns across the border...and not just one gun at a time, but many at a time.  The dealers were told to look the other way and to hold their tongue about it, too!
Senator de Leon should have looked the other way and held his tongue, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of Democrats working to create a diversion, a snow job, maneuvering the scandal to their advantage.  The repercussions of this investigation will be huge and broad.  Blinded by the vision of greater anti-gun opportunities, de Leon may just come to realize he would have been better off remaining silent.  Even a fool is thought to be wise when  he remains silent.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Action Opportunity....Are you Ready?

AB 144 (Portantino - D) Open Carry Ban
This bad bill for California gun owning citizens has made its way through the legislative process, now residing in the Senate, expecting a floor vote at any time. As a refresher or reminder of what this bad bill will do, this measure would place a ban on carrying a hand gun in public in plain view, specifically when empty of any ammunition.  You already know that you can't carry a handgun loaded with ammunition openly when out in the public.  With AB 144 you can't carry it empty either!  What nonsense.  So, it is time to get active.  Make some calls to your State Senator and insist on a "no" vote. will get you to the list of Senators and to their phone numbers and such.
Keep in mind that emails are ineffective, phone calls are logged in the file and of course letters are best if written well and respectfully.  Letters are kept by the author in a folder.  Letters can be faxed, which is quick and efficient for you. The fax numbers of the Senators are available through the same list as the phone numbers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Job Opportunity with Gun Owners!

Are you interested in working with like-minded people?  Do you want to work for a cause that you believe in?

Gun Owners is looking for a computer/tech person with experience in computer programming, webpage design, and basic graphics.  Applicants should also have:

  • Writing experience
  • Video editing a plus
  • Knowledgeable about guns and the Second Amendment
Some Basic Responsibilities will Include:
  • Managing website, updating, designing, etc
  • Writing/Sending news alerts about legislation/current events 
  • Basic technical support
Join an enthusiastic team of people working to defend the Second Amendment!

Location: Folsom, CA
Please send resumes to Vice Chairman, Tim Macy at

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long Gun Registration Bill sent to Suspense File!

Los Angeles's Assemblyman Mike Feuer is stymied again....with his bill AB 809.  This is the second year in a row that he has tried to change the law....the law that now says long guns are definitely not to be registered.  He wants to bring about that change.  Change is such a key word...don't you think?  We hear a lot about change nowadays.  The Assemblyman wants to change the law to require registration of long guns.  AB 809 was heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee today.  Our lobbyist was there to testify.  The bill was ushered off into the Committee's Suspense File.  As it turns out, the Department of Finance opposed the bill, saying that the cost will be too great, there are no new revenues coming in, money has been taken out of the dept and sent elsewhere, they can't afford it.  Now there is a change....the state saying "no," because we can't afford it!  That's change we can believe in.