Friday, August 3, 2012

Changing up the blog!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Record Breaking Gold!

And the United States has another gold medal in skeet shooting under their belts, thanks to Vincent Hancock, who became the first person to ever win the gold medal twice in Men's Skeet Shooting!

Read more about his journey to the London Olympics here

Congratulations Vincent! Thank you for representing the US in London, and for showing the world how great a sport skeet shooting is!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Did you see that the U.S. raked in a gold in the Women's Skeet Competition?! Our record setting shooter, Kimberly Rhode did it again, and she's determined to keep at it!

Congratulations to Kim on her 5th Gold Medal and on all the records she broke! Thank you for representing our country and the sport that we love!

Read more about her record setting here

Watch the Women's Skeet Shooting Highlights here!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Root, Root, Root for the U.S!

GOC will be proudly watching the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team in the games this year!

We will provide updates on our team throughout the Games, so be sure to check back here to see how our team does in the sports we all know and love!

Olympic Shooting Schedule & Results | London 2012

They need our support more now than ever, as the main stream media questions them on their sport and the shooting in Colorado.  As fellow gun owners and shooters, let's stand behind them as they represent the United States in the Olympic Games!

Life Savers: Good News in Gun News!

Happy Friday Gun Owners! Here are a couple of Good News Gun Stories to send you off into the weekend!  I love this granny's attitude, as she feels safe with her .38-caliber pistol by her side! 

And I know this video has made its way around the internet, but I had to include it, since it's such a great visual example of how guns really do save lives!

Gun-toting S.C. granny scares off burglars

BLENHEIM, S.C. – There are certain people criminals should not mess with: martial arts experts, superheroes and Ruby Hodge of Blenheim.
When two would-be burglars broke into the 89-year-old widow’s house Monday on S.C. Highway 38 just outside of Blenheim, they probably didn’t expect to find Hodge and her .38-caliber pistol waiting for them.
Standing in her bedroom next to her pink and white floral bedspread, Hodge is just over 5 feet tall and weighs maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. However, just after 8 a.m. Monday, she was more than two grown men could handle.
“I decided I would go see who it was,” Hodge said, recalling she heard someone knock twice on her back door just off the kitchen of her small house. “But before I moved, they knocked a third time and busted my door open. I said to myself, ‘That’s a break in!'“
The men – later identified by police as Ronnie Henry Stevenson Jr., 31, of 956 High Point Road in Lydia, and Nelson Hawkins, 42, of 1564 Turnpike Road in Darlington – were no strangers to the law. Both had lengthy criminal records and were persons of interest on prior burglaries by both Marlboro County and Darlington County sheriffs’ offices.
Their experienced criminal background did them little good against Hodge.
“I got my gun,” she said, reaching under her mattress just as she did Monday morning and pulling out her .38-caliber pistol, fully loaded with six bullets. It belonged to her late husband, who died some 22 years ago. Since then it has just been Hodge and as she showed Stevenson and Hawkins, she can take care of herself.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

IT DIDN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT: PART 3 "The Socialist Majority"

Read Part 1 & Part 2

The left-wing political leadership recognized that, by themselves, they were only a tiny percentage of the American population, never enough in numbers to win elections. However, small as they were, they were organized and they had a plan, a grand scheme to socialize America! They knew where they wanted to go but how to get there was the question! Patient gradualism was the answer.

Studying the mechanics of American politics, they soon recognized that, on the average, only fifty percent of all adult Americans ever bothered to register to vote. ONLY HALF! Then, in the primary elections, where the two parties choose their candidates, again, ONLY HALF of those who took the time to register even bothered to participate. So, only ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR Americans actually vote in primary elections where candidates for the general election are selected. It's quite a shock to realize that three out of every four Americans have no say-so in the selection of primary candidates. THAT'S NOT ALL!!! ... Add to those facts, multiple candidates run in primary elections, it is not uncommon for five to ten candidates to seek the same office for each party; thereby splitting the vote even farther. This is especially true when no incumbent is running for re-election, or when every ten years, new seats are created by reapportionment and the office is considered an "open seat". [More in a later column on how the games are played in reapportionment]

Therefore, a small organized percentage of voters could nominate and elect their candidate in primary elections since multiple candidates inevitably seek the same office. The following is an actual example of how a small minority can win a major California State Senate office. The registration heavily favored one of the major parties.

District population approximately 600,000
Those who could register to vote 400,000
Those who bothered to register 235,000
Total who voted in primary election 120,000
Dominate party primary vote 70,000
Lesser party primary vote 50,000 

Eight candidates sought the major party nomination and the winning candidate gained 16,000 of the 70,000 votes cast; the other seven candidates split the remaining 54,000.

The primary winner won handily in the general election because of the registration advantage. He easily gained the Senate seat and served for 22 years. He gained leadership and helped elect many others of like mind. Is this race an exception? No! It happens all the time. Realize the significance of only 16,000 votes out of potentially 400,000 who could have participated. Think about it. Is it any wonder that a small dedicated minority of voters could have a disproportionate impact on our government when three out of four Americans don’t even register or bother to take part in primary elections ---- in the very important process of selecting who their candidates might be? Think long and hard about it!!!

The left saw that in local elections for school boards, city council, supervisory races, a even much smaller numbers of votes could affect the outcome. With an organized minority of fellow activists, left wing candidates could, and have won local offices. Once elected, and establishing a base of operations as an incumbent office holder, it's much easier to develop important name identity --- therefore, making it much easier to move up, step by step, to higher office, such as state representatives and state senators. Then, at a later opportunity, to Congress and the US Senate. Many a national left-wing Congressman and Senator has successfully followed this upward path and are now in national office. Study the careers of Democrat Congressman George Miller and Henry Waxman as good examples.

Once elected, even to the smallest seat, the socialist becomes an active part of the movement; committed to help promote the socialist cause, and helping others succeed. They effectively use their office to hire those of like mind, train staff, raise funds and gradually introduce, bit by bit, socialist legislation. For years and years, the good socialist activist moves upwards to one higher office after another --- that is, if he or she remains a good soldier.

The socialists, in Democrat or Republican garb, believe that any method that achieved socialist power is “ethical.” As mentioned before, “the end justifies the means” becomes their motto and method of operation. Deception and lying became the tools of their trade. To call someone a “lying socialist” is a redundancy.

To Be Continued ...

delays and debates

Sorry for the delay in posting yet another riveting article on guns and/or the Second Amendment.  Given last week's unfortunate shooting incident, our office has been slammed with phone calls, interviews, and the like ... while short staffed at the same time.  I know, that doesn't mean that much to you, but it's my excuse nonetheless.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, GOC and GOA get bombarded with phone calls from reporters who want quotes on why we still think the Second Amendment is important and others who want interviews to provoke discussion on the gun issue.  Yesterday, our Executive Director, Sam Paredes, participated in a debate with  Ben Van Houghton of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence on News10 in Sacramento.  

Watch the debate and tell us who you think won! (My favorite part is when Sam leans in and corrects Mr. Van Houghton on his facts)|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|featured