Thursday, December 22, 2011

the progress of open carry

An email popped into my inbox with this interesting link attached:

I find this fascinating!  Over 21 years, more states have become "shall issue" states than not ... and still, California stands strong in it's state of "may issue".  Granted, there is fear that if the anti-gun state that borders the Pacific became a "shall issue" state, it could then regulate the "shall" so much that it would be less existent than the "may" currently is ... either way, the trend depicted by this interactive diagram are interesting nonetheless!

(sidenote: it was created in 2006, so it would be interesting to see if it has changed over the past 6 years, to what extent, and in which way)

What are your thoughts?

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

GOC's Christmas List

Christmas is only 10 days away, but we know there are more than enough people out there who haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet!

So, in order to help you shop for your friends and family, while supporting businesses that support the Second Amendment, here are a few of our suggestions:  (CLICK ON THE BOLD FOR LINKS)

Best site for women shooters:

Girls with Guns Clothing (online and in stores)

Our top picks (but everything on this site would be a winner!):

Ammo makes a GREAT stocking stuffer!  Check out RedLine Ballistics 

The Greater Sacramento Area stores for the best guns, gear, and ammo!

For the Motorcyclist in your life, check out Harley Davidson of Sacramento!

Newtown Firearms - Placerville

Southern California
Get the shooter in your family a membership at Burro Canyon! - Azusa

or some lane rentals at Bullseye Shooting Range & Firearms Store in San Rafael

 OR, you can buy your gun loving friend (or family member) a raffle ticket for our 52 Gun Raffle!  

Let us know if you check out any of these Second Amendment (and GOC) supporting shops!  We believe it is critical to support the companies that believe in our rights as much as we do.  And we hope you do too!

Tell them Gun Owners of California sent you!

P.S. Check out the full list of "Friends of GOC" for more info on who supports your gun rights!