Tuesday, July 24, 2012

delays and debates

Sorry for the delay in posting yet another riveting article on guns and/or the Second Amendment.  Given last week's unfortunate shooting incident, our office has been slammed with phone calls, interviews, and the like ... while short staffed at the same time.  I know, that doesn't mean that much to you, but it's my excuse nonetheless.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, GOC and GOA get bombarded with phone calls from reporters who want quotes on why we still think the Second Amendment is important and others who want interviews to provoke discussion on the gun issue.  Yesterday, our Executive Director, Sam Paredes, participated in a debate with  Ben Van Houghton of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence on News10 in Sacramento.  

Watch the debate and tell us who you think won! (My favorite part is when Sam leans in and corrects Mr. Van Houghton on his facts)


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